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  • ArchitectSOLARC Architecture and Engineering
    Jan Fillinger
  • Completion Date2003
  • ContractorEssex Construction
  • Cost$30,000
  • LocationEugene, OR
  • Size1,000 SF

Design of a graphic design office. Located in the Heron Building mixed-use complex, which was designed in 1998 by Jan Fillinger (while working at WBGS Architecture), this new office space reflects the client’s commitment to a playful, earthy and sustainable, yet somewhat austere industrial design aesthetic. Even though it was built on a shoestring budget, different functional areas in this dynamic open-plan space were subtly defined, through changes in floor levels, lighting, and finish materials and colors. For private meetings we created a small elliptical room that adds an unusual counterpoint to the otherwise conventional geometry of the building. With translucent sanded acrylic walls and curving pocket doors constructed of steel tubing and acrylic, this little gem of a room lets natural daylight through at daytime, and glows from the inside at night. Earthy wall and carpet colors combine with natural wood and brushed steel cabinetry, and sustainable bamboo and cork flooring. The conference table was custom designed, with a built-up bamboo top and a brushed steel base.