Oakland Hills Residence

  • ArchitectSavidge Warrren + Fillinger
  • Completion Date1996
  • ContractorKrueger Brothers
  • Cost$5,500,000
  • Size3800 sq. ft.

This 1920’s historical mansion was originally designed by famed Bay Area architect Albert Farr. Completely destroyed in the 1993 Oakland Hills fire, the architects were directed by the owner’s insurance company to reconstruct the original building exactly as originally designed. After a year of research, unearthing historical photos and many of the original blueprints -some of which were 5ft. by 10ft. size sheets with full scale drawings of building details, we redesigned the home uncompromisingly faithful to the original, yet incorporating all the modern, code-required improvements. With exquisite detailing down to the very last scroll, light fixture, ceiling molding and even custom-molded clay roof tiles, this building is now one of the rare historical homes left in an area previously rich in architectural and historical gems.